NPC Points Manager was added
February 24, 2021

The NPC Points Manager has an important role in the evolution of a clan. For every 10 GB / 5kkk / 5 Bi, it is possible to add 1,000 points in the clan.

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New UTC Time
In order to improve gameplay among all players, we have changed the UTC time of the server to +00: 00. With that, players from Europe will have better gameplay during TW and Sieg...
03 April, 2021
Addition of NPC Event Shop
A new NPC has been added in Giran Village that will be used to exchange Gold Einshasad currency that is acquired by participating in automatic server events every 1 hour, in this...
30 March, 2021
Olympiad Time Extended
The new Olympics schedule is initially from 14:00 to 22:00 (GMT -3: 00). Continuing every 15 days.
27 March, 2021
A PVP area has been added.
Any player who teleports to Dragon Vortex in Global teleport -> Eigrakai Areas -> Dragon Vortex. When approaching the Dragon Vortex area, located near the cave of Antharas L...
19 March, 2021
Added God's Weapons.
16 God's Weapon have been added. Narsil Blade - Focus/Haste/Health (Sword / One Handed) Phasian Edge - Haste/Critical Damage/HP Drain (Dagger / One Handed) Herugrim Mace -...
17 March, 2021

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