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Why donate?

Donating is completely voluntary and is not needed to play our server, by submitting any type of donation to us, you agree that its a one-way contribution and you are not entitled to receive anything. Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances. If one were to recall their donation they will lose their donated items and will have their accounts suspended.

1.) Please choose carefully when deciding what items you wish to buy. There are no discounts or extra items unless its in the special offers section. So please never ask for discounts or extra items your donation unless your referring to the special offers list or some sort of announcement.

2.) You may not sell any donation rewards to another player for real world currency, if you do, the rewards will be deleted and punishment will be taken.

3.) If one loses their donated items from trading, scamming, dropping from karma, or really any way at all, you are not entitled to reimbursement.

4.) People who donate will not receive any sort of special treatment, they still have to follow the rules and will be punished likewise, donators and non-donators are equals. prejudice towards donators and non donators will not be tolerated.

After you have donated please state the following in an email sent to,, please title the email (Donation). This is very important, this ensures other GMs receive the email as well so we can help you as fast as possible!

PayPal email:
Donation amount($):
Character name:

After the reward is delivered by the GM team you must respond to the email sent by STAFF confirming that you received your prize within 24 hours of sending, failure to comply with these rules can result in IP punishments or accounts.

The time it takes to receive your rewards may vary, and might be received in minutes, but may also take hours, but will be taken care of as soon as possible! If you follow our instructions you will get your donation faster. If not all the proper informatoin is given, this can cause delays. Remember to title the email (Donation), this will make sure its automatically forwarded to other GMs so he can help you too.

If you understand, and agree to the rules above and want to donate, click one of the options below.

  • You receive 3 Donate Coin a cada U$ 1,00 donated.


Your donation can be made through the Pagseguro, PayPal ou Pix. Follows the data below.

Pix key

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